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Wir lieben Florida und verbringen in Sunshine State sehr viel Zeit. Wir lieben auch die Sonne und die Wärme, die das Klima hier mit uns teilt und wir lieben es, unterwegs zu sein und neue Gegenden und Orte zu entdecken oder schon bekannte Orte wiederzuentdecken. Manchmal gibt es einen besonderen Moment oder eine besondere Situation, die uns im Gedächtnis bleibt, wenn wir auf Nebenstrecken und engen Straßen unterwegs waren, einsame Orte entdeckt oder interessante Menschen getroffen und mit ihnen gesprochen haben.

Wo immer wir waren, haben wir nette und kommunikative Menschen getroffen. Wir unterhielten uns, bekamen Tipps und Empfehlungen und immer ein Lächeln.
Wenn Sie die Natur, die Tierwelt, unerwartete Landschaften und Orte lieben, dann finden Sie hier in diesem Blog eine Menge zu entdecken, bevor Sie Ihre Reise nach Florida antreten.


Trip-Part #2: From Cedar Key to Apalachicola

From Cedar Key we reached a small town called Fowlers Bluff on the Suwannee River. A beautiful located Grill & Restaurant offers good food, beers and live music (we had 7 band members for 5 guests). We had a very nice evening there with open char coil grills and a fantastic sunset over the Suwannee. Next day the road took us to places called Steinhatchee and Keaton Beach - both wonderful places to breethe and stay.

Here begins the so called ‘Forgotten Coast’ which reaches up to Apalachicola. The name of the coast is program.

Forgotten Coast.jpg

Our next stop was a little south from Tallahassee, Wakulla Springs. The springs and lodge are a part of the National State Park. The spring has a public bathing site. It is busy during the day, it’s a weekend. We book a boat trip on which we experience wildlife and nature-pure - RECOMMENDED! Towards the evening there are only a handful of guests left, who like us will spend the night in the old lodge (built 1935). The lodge is today a hotel and restaurant, here still a OTIS elevator from 1936 (the year of construction of the lodge) is in operation! As a guest it is WELL WORTH USING IT!

After this pompous overnight stay in the Wakulla State Park Lodge with breakfast a la very good and observation of manatees floating in the Wakulla Spring, we first drive the 98 along the coast. RECOMMENDED! We turn off to Alligator Point, a long peninsula off the coast. There is also Bald Point, a nature reserve. Beautiful beaches and beautifully located cottages! Many for rent. 

We go further on the 98 to the west - the vegetation has changed completely compared to SWFL. Dense mixed forests reach to the Gulf. We visit Carabelle, a fishing village, where there was once a railroad and train station. Next stop is St George’s Island, accessible via a long toll free bridge. A dream - wide, fine beaches, little visited and real surf!


Arriving in Apalachicola, we reach the Coombs Inn. Great hotel in the historic district (no breakfast) - right in the middle of it.
Oyster City brews delicious beer, we may try before we order two dirty blonds. No sooner are we sitting in the sun (with our beers) than we are in conversation with residents and transients. We get very interesting hints and tips. Tamaras Café serves excellent seafood on Market Street! Now we are sitting at the Coombs’ Inn on our private porch in the evening sun and let the day pass in review. 


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